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Course Title Duration Next Dates
5S Facilitator Workshop1 DayIn-company only
8D Problem Solving2 DaysNo courses scheduled
8D Problem Solving - Aligned with AS13000 for Aerospace Suppliers2 Days04 February 2020
Lean Associate1 Day02 March 2020
Lean Practitioner3 Days02 March 2020
Advanced Lean Practitioner5 Days02 March 2020
Master Lean Practitioner10 DaysNo courses scheduled
Coaching for Continuous Improvement 1 DayIn-company only
Creating a Lean Culture4 DaysIn-company only
Facilitating Kaizen/Lean Events1 DayIn-company only
Implementing the Lean Foundations1 Day02 March 2020
Lean in the Office1 DayIn-company only
Lean Leadership1 DayIn-company only
Lean Optimisation Techniques1 DayIn-company only
Mapping Tools & Techniques1 Day03 March 2020
Monitoring & Control Using SPC1 DayIn-company only
Rapid Changeover Techniques (SMED)1 DayIn-company only
Root Cause Analysis - Problem Solving1 Day04 March 2020
TPM & Autonomous Maintenance2 DaysIn-company only
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)1 DayIn-company only