Aero Standards inc SABRe - Autumn training schedule

We are pleased to provide you with the latest schedule of open enrolment courses for the Aerospace sector. Continuing with our virtual delivery options which have proved very effective and popular, we have included the full range of AS standards practitioner topics, plus the Rolls-Royce SABRe training.

New for the Autumn is an APQP aligned AS9145 module: this has been rolled out globally for a major Aero company – and has received rave reviews. We are now offering this as an open enrolment virtual class which is the ideal foundation training to precede any of the AS standards practitioner tools training courses. By working through a step by step case study, participants will gain a practical working knowledge of each phase of APQP & the key deliverables.

Please visit to see the detailed brochures and programme details for each course.