Virtual 8D - Nov 23 to 25

8D is the global problem solving method of choice for business and industry, and a mandatory quality deliverable in many sectors such as aerospace and automotive.  The 8D approach focuses on analysing and improving the control systems that allow problems to escape.  By implementing a robust and structured problem solving approach it is possible to correctly identify the root causes to prevent future occurrence.

Applying the 8D toolkit also requires many skills in analytical thinking and decision making, and develops best practice behavioural and leadership skills which can then transfer to any business or team challenge.

Training Objectives:

  • To provide practical hands-on training in the 8D approach for establishing root cause and permanent solutions
  • To enable participants to select and use the appropriate tools to solve problems and prevent reoccurrence
  • To develop the role of 8D Practitioner able to facilitate problem solving activities & ensure teams work effectively with best practice techniques

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