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VIEW ALL Lean Six Sigma Courses
Course Title Duration Next Dates
Introduction to JMP1 DayIn-company only
Lean in the Office1 DayIn-company only
LSS01-Lean Sigma Yellow Belt (virtual delivery)2 Days17 November 2022
LSS02-Lean Sigma Business Green Belt (virtual delivery)9 Days11 November 2022
LSS04-Lean Sigma Manufacturing Green Belt (virtual delivery)10 Days11 November 2022
LSS07-Lean Sigma Business Black Belt (virtual delivery)16 DaysNo courses scheduled
LSS09-Lean Sigma Manufacturing Black Belt (virtual delivery)18 DaysNo courses scheduled
LSS12-Lean Sigma Business Black Belt Upgrade (virtual delivery)9 DaysNo courses scheduled
LSS13-Lean Sigma Manufacturing Black Belt Upgrade (virtual delivery)11 DaysNo courses scheduled
LSS15-Master Black Belt (virtual delivery)6 DaysNo courses scheduled
LSS16-Lean Sigma Role of the Sponsor1 DayIn-company only
LSS17-Building the Business Case for Process Improvement1 DayIn-company only
LSS18-Coaching Improvement Projects 1 DayIn-company only
Minitab Introduction1 DayIn-company only